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What Is Industrial Washer Extractor


Industrial Washer Extractor is fully automatic, including washing and extracting function and the speed controlled by frequency converter.

It can save much labor and adopted widely by hotel、restaurant、hospital and printing, etc.

The advantages of our industrial washer extractor:

1.It controlled by professional micro computer, fully automatic, safe and convenient;

2.There’s conversion device between automatic & manual operation. Clients can set washing delivery、number of clean、

time of dehydration only by pushing button.

3.There’s bearing absorbing system and all suspended structure built-in, in order to reduce noise and protect the ground.

4.We use  Japanese NSK Bearing, steady、safe and durable.

Shanghai Xunduo think industrial washer extractor is not only bigger than domestic washing machine, but also with many professional

parts and advantages for using in industrial and commercial.