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How to reduce energy consumption when washing machine’s working


Washing machine will consume energy during work time. It mainly including water、steam and electricity. But Shanghai XunDuo think we can try to

reduce consuming the unnecessary energy by doing something as follows:

1.Reduce backing washing. We’d better adjust the process of washing by pushing button and set up washing plan for ourselves.

2.Delete the unnecessary washing steps. For example, there’re four cleaning steps of original system. But if you find the water is very clean,

obviously it’s clean and this cleaning is unnecessary. So you can delete the unnecessary cleaning steps to save the energy.

3.Lower overtop water level. Usually the low water level is 15-35cm. Shanghai Xunduo think: in common,for 50kg washing extractor,

35cm water level will consume more 26L water than 30cm.

4.Try to reduce washing little capacity textiles. Same energy consumption, little textiles, more unnecessary energy consumption.

Shanghai XunDuo states clients need set up the best washing process according to their own requirement.