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Advice for improving effect of washing


There’re many factors influencing effect of washing. Except washing time, is there any other factor?

Stowage capacity. There’s a popular opinion, “for the same dirty textiles, different stowage capacity, 90% and 70%. If you add more detergent and

lengthen washing time, the effect is same. ”We have to state this opinion is not correct. As we all know, the washing machine clean textiles by

mechanical force. If it exceeds mechanical force, it’ll be useless even though you add many detergents. Therefore, we need put appropriate

textiles and then arrange the reasonable washing time.

Detergent. For common blot, the common detergent is workable. But for some special blot, it’s not simply to add more detergent.

The professional detergent is necessary.

For washing time, the longer, the better? No! Absoutely not. If the washing time is very long, the water is dirty, so you can imagine.

Besides, we should consider the material, feature, color fastness of textiles.